Devil's Hole® Deep Blue Damask Knife Set | Damascus Knife Set | Professional Chef's Knife | 9-piece

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9-piece professional damask knife set with "Deep Blue" maple/epoxy resin handle

Sometimes the agony of choice applies not only to the selection on the menu and the delicious menus, but also to the cutting tools in the kitchen. Are you a true maitre or passionate hobby chef who always wants to have the right knife ready for effective work in the kitchen? We want to do justice to this and offer damask knives from the "Deep Blue" series also in a 9-piece chef's knife set.

The 9-piece "Deep Blue" Damascus kitchen knife set in detail

Two chef's knives ensure that every Maitre can respond specifically to the respective food cuttings. Especially with the bread knife, pastries of any kind can be easily cut. The chopping knife lives up to its name with its large dimension and is also often referred to as "Chai Dao". With the "Nakiri" you have a reliable knife at your disposal, especially for vegetables. While with the Santoku knife for the translated "three virtues" fish and meat are added. The universal knife also meets the diverse requirements of the chef's kitchen, but with 5.0 inches it is a bit more filigree than the Santoku. While with the so-called boning knife, the tastiest meat can be detached from the bone. After all, with a blade of only 3.5 inches in size, the very manoeuvrable peeling knife has not only the peeling function but also the talent for touring – decorative cutting.All damask knives from this impressive set have one thing in common – a blade in which the entire blacksmith's work is expressed. The core of the blade is made of VG10 steel and is coated with 33 layers of stainless steel 416 each. This creates a beautiful feather pattern, which makes every single piece from the chef's knife set an eye-catcher in the kitchen. Of course, the special "Deep Blue" knife handle also contributes to this. The deep blue epoxy resin symbolizes the water that seems to hit the beach (maple root wood) in waves at the knife handle. Without a doubt, this knife handle stimulates imagination and creativity.

Your advantages at a glance

  • 9-Piece Damascus Kitchen Knife Set "Deep Blue"
  • the right knife at hand for every requirement
  • all blades with VG10 steel core in 67 layers
  • extreme sharpness due to 12 to 15° grinding angle
  • special serrated edges for bread knives
  • all blades with beautiful feather pattern
  • Knife handles made of maple wood and epoxy resin
  • also ideal as an exclusive gift

Scope of delivery:

9 piece professional damask knife set including:

Chef's knife 9.5 inches

Chef's knife 8.0 inches

Bread knife 7.5 inches

Chopping knife 7.5 inches

Nakiri knife 7.0 inches

Santoku knife 7.0 inches

Boning knife 6.0 inches

Universal knife 5.0 inches

Paring knife 3.5 inches

Technical details:

67 layers of damask steel

Japanese VG10 steel core

33 layers each left/right (416) stainless steel forged

Blade - feather pattern

Maple Wood Deep Blue Epoxy Resin Hybrid Handle

Grinding angle 12-15°, or serrated edge (bread knife)

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