personally engraved Damask knives by Devil's Hole
several personally engraved Damask knives by Devil's Hole
personally engraved wooden cutting board by Devil's Hole

About us

The philosophy: "the professional sharp chef's knife for the kitchen"

It also has something to do with respect for food. Good food deserves to be treated professionally. Meat or plant fibres are not simply "snipped" around lovelessly and bluntly with the kitchen knife, but an exact, sharp damask cut ensures the desired morsels. And this is exactly what we want to offer you, so that the delicious dishes you prepare for your families and guests always turn out perfectly. A high-quality chef's knife is also suitable as a private gift or company present - with personal engraving, the gift becomes unique.


Fair prices thanks to good business relations

We are always on the lookout for exclusive knives on the market and have long-standing business relationships. In direct sales, we can sell at very customer-friendly prices. This is true not only for high-quality knives, but also for the accompanying utensils such as a cutting board. We also recommend: keep yourself in good memory with a personal gift for friends, customers and business partners.

For your unique gift we have in our shop: Knives with wooden boxes, wooden knife sheaths, burger skewers, chopping boards with juice grooves, olive wood chopping boards as well as original beer mats. Whether it's a birthday, an exam, a farewell, an anniversary, etc. - with your personal laser engraving, every gift becomes unique.

Examples for our personalisable laser engraving

89-layer Nakiri Damascus knife Laser engraving

Due to special laser frequencies and speeds, light engraving in silver-white is also possible through frequent engraving passes in a reciprocally running engraving angle. It does not always have to be the black logo or black lettering.

Professional Chef's Knife Laser Engraving "Event Catering"

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