Devil's Hole® Deep Blue Damask Knife | Universal knife 5.0 inch | 67 layers | Maple epoxy handle

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Universal damask knife – useful helper in the kitchen

With our Universal chef's knife, we respond to the wishes of many customers. Because it is often the case that you want a universal model for the entry into the high class knife world. A damask knife that is suitable for as many applications as possible in the kitchen. The same applies when looking for a suitable gift for a chef. While a special knife only covers one area, the universal damask knife described here can be used in a variety of ways. There are good reasons for this.

A sharp blade for MANY different applications

It does not matter whether you eat vegetarian or vegan, or whether you prefer delicious fish and meat dishes – this universal knife will inspire you. With a length of 12.5 cm and a height of 2.2 cm, the blade is stable enough to carry out coarser work and is also intended for the filigree details during preparation. The solid basis is a VG10 steel core, coated by 33 layers of stainless steel each. The special cut of 12 to 15° makes this Far Eastern master blacksmith's work extremely sharp.

Ergonomic knife handle made of maple wood and epoxy resin

We thought, with such a versatile universal chef's knife, the handle must also be something special. That's why two materials are used for the knife handle. On the one hand, there is maple wood, which is known for its enormous strength and elasticity. Another visual highlight and responsible for the name of the knife series "Deep Blue" is the deep blue epoxy resin. It symbolizes the power of water – an element that is indispensable in the kitchen.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Damascus kitchen knife, universally applicable
  • Cut fish, meat and fruit effortlessly
  • Damascus steel blade, 12.5 cm long, 2.2 cm high
  • Blade with spring pattern
  • Knife handle "Deep Blue" made of maple wood and epoxy resin
  • optimally also suitable as a gift

Technical details:

67 layers of damask steel

Japanese VG10 steel core

33 layers each left/right (416) stainless steel forged

Blade – feather pattern

Maple Wood Deep Blue Epoxy Resin Hybrid Handle

Grinding angle 12-15°

Length: 24 cm

Blade length: 12,5 cm

Handle length: 11,5 cm

Blade height: 2,2 cm

Weight: 90 grams

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Made in PRC