Devil's Hole® Abalone Damask Knife | Bread knife 7.5 inch | 45 layers | epoxy resin handle

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Abalone bread knife made of damask steel – the jagged kitchen knife

A kitchen knife especially for bread, cakes and large fruits such as pumpkins? No problem. With the Abalone bread knife, we offer you as a passionate chef not only a very functional, but also an exceptionally beautiful chef's knife. By the way, it used to be customary to bring bread and salt as a gift. Today it may be a beautiful bread knife like our abalone, which delights the host as a gift – also with laser engraving. But what makes our Abalone knife so special in detail?

Knife blade and handle - unique pieces for the kitchen

Our bread knife made of damascus steel is extremely sharp and solid due to the serrated edge with AUS10 steel core. The blacksmith's art leads to a characteristic wave pattern on the blade. The handle is in no way inferior in terms of beauty. Because here the iridescent colors of the abalone shell shine through the transparent acrylic. This precious treasure from the depths of the oceans has always fascinated man. The "mother of the pearl" from which the word mother-of-pearl developed is also referred to by the Maori as Paua, the colorful "sea ear". Knife blade and knife handle are therefore unique in the kitchen.

Here is an overview of the impressive data:

  • Abalone bread knife made of damask steel
  • Excellent cutting quality due to serrated edges
  • 45 layers Damascus steel AUS10
  • durable and stable due to solid steel core
  • Hardness 60 ± 2 HRC
  • Damask knife for baked goods of all kinds (bread, rolls, cakes)
  • cuts perfectly large pieces such as pumpkin or melon
  • Precise, straight cutting edges due to stable blade and ergonomic handle
  • Knife centre of gravity optimally balanced
  • suitable for left- and right-handers
  • Hybrid knife handle made of acrylic with abalone shell
  • should not be missing in any knife block
  • predestined as a gift
  • Serrated edge right
  • Handle 14 cm
  • Blade 25.5 cm
  • Overall length 39,5 cm
  • Weight 240 g
  • Logo Devil's Hole left
  • Made in PRC