Devil's Hole Abalone Damask Knife | Nakiri knife 7.0 inch | 45 layers | epoxy resin handle

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Abalone Nakiri – the paring knife with an eye-catching effect

Vegetables are of particular importance in Far Eastern cuisine. And vegetables are also very popular in European cuisine because of their good taste and valuable ingredients. However, cutting vegetables requires a sharp and reliable knife - the Abalone Nakiri!

The Nakiri damascus blade - for fast and precise work

It is amazing how quickly and precisely how far Eastern chefs cut fruit and vegetables. In addition to the talent of the chef, this is mainly due to the Nakiri damask knife. The Nakiri is suitable for all types of vegetables, but shines especially with very hard or large types of vegetables. The cutting of hard vegetables such as e.g. For example, cabbage, pumpkin, large onion, sweet potato, etc. are child's play.

The Nakiri knife handle - you like to grab it

The Nakiri chef's knife is impressive with its Damascus blade. But we wanted to make the paring knife even more beautiful and gave it an abalone knife handle. The finest abalone is worked into the transparent acrylic, which fascinates with its iridescent light effect in a mother-of-pearl design. Each Nakiri becomes unique. Grab it.

Here is an overview of the impressive data:

  • Nakiri paring knife made of Damascus steel
  • excellent quality for a unique cutting
  • experience 45 layers of Damascus steel AUS10
  • hardness 60 ± 2 HRC
  • flat grind on both sides
  • suitable for left and right-handers
  • hybrid knife handle made of acrylic with abalone shell
  • handle 14 cm
  • blade 18 cm
  • total length 32 cm
  • Weight 275 g
  • Predestined as a gift
  • Logo: Devil's Hole links
  • Storage box Carton included
  • Made in PRC