Devilshole Damask Knife
Devilshole Damask Knife
Devilshole Damask Knife

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Devil's Hole® Damask knife & Laser Engraving

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... and nice that you are interested in high-quality damask knives. Knives are something special and accompany us almost all of our lives. Assuming the necessary maturity, it is the first pocket knife that a proud dad gifts to you. And only a short time later, the youngsters are sitting by the camp fire, sharpening a branch for a barbecue skewer. Over the years, the delicious dishes become more elaborate and require appropriate equipment - and this is where the damask knives from Devil's Hole come into play.

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The philosophy of the professional knife for the kitchen

It is also related to respect for food. Good food deserves to a professional commitment. Meat or vegetable fibres are not simply “chopped around” carelessly and bluntly, but an exact, sharp cut ensures the right bite. And that's exactly what we want to offer you so that the delicious dishes that you prepare for your families and guests always turn out perfectly. A high-quality knife is also suitable as a private gift or company present. With a personal engraving the gift becomes unique.

Why buy a Devil's Hole knife?

It is particularly important to us that everyone can find their dream knife and the right equipment (e.g. cutting board). That is why we focus on personal advice via chat, social media or email. Every order is competently dealt with, from graphics and text finding to production and quality assurance. We produce a "mock-up" so that you get a good impression of the finished product. In this visual preview, you can thoroughly examine the text, font and size.

Laser engraving - the personal touch of our damask knives

We have made a virtue of necessity. When we were looking for professional laser engraving ourselves, we found that this was not so easy to achieve - especially when it came to freedom of design. We want to do better!

Whether with the font or the individual logo, we will advise you in detail and offer you alternative options. For example, we can evaluate your logo and, if necessary, improve it, so that it really comes into its own on the knife. You can see this for yourself in the preview image and give your OK.


Fair prices thanks to good business relationships

We are always on the lookout for exclusive knives on the market and have long-term business relationships. In direct sales we can sell at very customer-friendly prices. This is true not only for high-quality knives, but also for the accompanying utensils such as a chopping board. We also recommend: Be remembered favourably with a personal gift from friends, customers and business partners.

For your unique gift, our shop stocks: Knives with wooden boxes, wooden knife sheaths, burger skewers, cutting boards with juice groove, olive wood cutting boards and original beer coasters. Whether a birthday, passed exam, farewell, anniversary, etc., with your personal laser engraving every gift is unique.

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