Devil's Hole® olive wood board | with handle| 39 x 16,5 x 2 cm | Serving Board | Vesperboard

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The olive wood cutting board - indispensable accessory for connoisseurs

The tunisian-born olive wood is a fascinating natural raw material that is suitable for use in food and catering in many ways. Whether as a natural salad cutlery, bowl, egg cup or fretboard – the hard, resistant olive wood helps to create a pleasant Mediterranean ambience for every occasion thanks to its attractive appearance and feel.

The right cutting board for a gourmet

For a gourmet, the question does not arise anyway whether a wood cutting board or a cutting board made of another material is used. Because there are good reasons for olive wood products. First of all, there is the eye, which always feeds from an aesthetic point of view. A culinary delicacy, be it a tasteful piece of meat, cheese, fruit or vegetables, presented on an underground on which the wood grain is evident like an olive wood cutting board – this is a real feast for the eyes. Added to this is the haptic feeling. Olive wood products just feel good, because the natural material never looks "cold" or impersonal. With an olive wood cutting board, the gourmet can thus express the good taste in terms of the preferred style. Because at a table where class and style are the order of the day, the guests like to take a seat and let themselves be entertained. Last, but not least, it is also about how practical and efficient a cutting board is in the preparation of the food. The cut material can be cut very well into small pieces on a wooden cutting board. In addition, the blade of the knife is spared and remains sharp for a very long time. It also looks nice when a damask knife with 67 layers of folded blade and olive wood handle is joined by a matching olive wood cutting board.

Olive wood products - if the shape decides

The beautiful appearance of the natural material wood does not only concern the drawing and grain. In this case, the shape of the cutting board also plays an important role. If you want as much work surface as possible or space to serve or present, you can use a rectangular wooden cutting board. If you have a "good grip" in the kitchen, you can also express this with a corresponding "grip board". Regardless of the shape, every olive wood cutting board is unique, which also proves to be easy to care for.

Here are the advantages:

  • individual natural grain
  • each cutting board is unique
  • insensitive to cut by the density and hardness of the wood
  • spares the knife blade
  • resistant to grease and dishwashing detergent
  • Easy to care for (with natural cooking oil)
  • perfect for food presentations
  • 39x16,5x2cm