Devil's Hole® Heat Resistant BBQ Gloves | Oven Gloves | 500°C | Non-slip | BBQ Gloves

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Heat-resistant BBQ Gloves / Oven gloves

The BBQ gloves from Devil's Hole® offer the necessary safety when handling baking trays, pots, pans and much more, both during grilling and in the kitchen as oven gloves.

With the finger gloves, they can easily operate a grill tongs, cutting or other activities in which a certain feeling is necessary. Due to the longer shaft, her forearm is also protected from heat.

The gloves can be easily washed in the machine at 40 degrees delicates.

2 pieces, left and right
Material outside: aramid fiber, heat-resistant siliconeMaterial
inside: cotton

Performance Level

100°C greater than 15 seconds
250°C greater than 15 seconds
350°C greater than 15 seconds
500°C greater than 15 seconds

Tested according to standard EN407: 2004 CE

ExaminationSize: One Size
Weight 300 grams
Length 33 cm