Devil's Hole® Deep Blue Damask Knife | Chopping knife 7.5 inch | 67 layers |Maple epoxy resin handle

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Damascus chef's knife for effective chopping and chopping

When it comes to chopping in the kitchen, it needs a rock-solid, reliable and sharp knife. In the Far Eastern kitchen, the chopping knife is also referred to as the universal chef's knife "Chai Dao". This is simply due to the fact that with this Damascus kitchen knife both fine wok vegetables and fruits with a hard shell (e.B pineapple) can be easily divided. With this special damask knife, it is particularly easy to cut or chop food into small pieces because of its own weight of 270 g. Particularly striking, however, is the knife blade, which is folded 33 times each and is particularly sharp with a grinding angle of 12 to 15°. The blacksmith's art creates the characteristic feather pattern on the blade. Thanks to the 7.3 cm high blade, it comes into its own here. A visual highlight in the kitchen. The same applies to our "Deep Blue" series for the knife handle.

Deep Blue knife handle – a real feast for the eyes

This beautiful Damascus kitchen knife is equipped with a knife handle made of maple wood and deep blue epoxy resin. The color blue symbolizes the element of water, which plays a decisive role in the kitchen. Almost wavy, the blue merges into the root wood of the maple. Also thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle, this kitchen knife made of damask fits optimally in the hand. Quite clearly: This can be used to cut and chop powerfully.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Damask knife "Chai Dao" for chopping and small sheaths
  • 20 cm long and 7.3 cm high blade
  • 33 layers each left/right stainless steel forged
  • Japanese VG10 steel core
  • Blade with spring pattern
  • Deep Blue handle made of maple wood/epoxy resin
  • beautifully suited as a gift

Technical details:

67 layers of damask steel

Japanese VG10 steel core

33 layers each left/right (416) stainless steel forged

Blade – feather pattern

Maple Wood Deep Blue Epoxy Resin Hybrid Handle

Grinding angle 12-15°

Length: 32,5 cm

Blade length: 20 cm

Handle length: 12,5 cm

Blade height: 7,3 cm

Weight: 230 grams

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Made in PRC