Devil's Hole® Damask Knife | Knife Block Set | Knife Set | Professional Chef Knife | 9-piece | Black

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Devil's Hole Damask Knife Set, Knife Block

The set consists of a perfectly coordinated combination to cover all the cooking needs of everyday life. In addition to fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, they can also cut bread with this set. It leaves nothing to be desired. The chef's knives are versatile. Permanent sharpness is ensured by the diamond-studded grinding rod. In the oak wood knife block, the knives are securely stored and always at hand for your next cooking adventure.

Blade VG10 Super steel knife core

The blade of the damask knives is made of high-quality Japanese VG10 steel. 67-layer steel ensure excellent edge resistance. The ultra-sharp super steel cutting core from Damascus VG10 has a Rockwell hardness of 60-62. The steel core is forged by 66 Premium High Carbon stainless steel layers (316L),
which ensures tremendous strength, durability and stain resistance. The VG10 knife is non-stick coated, has an exquisite raindrop Damascus pattern and is hardened in liquid nitrogen for long-lasting performance. Hand sharpened with a Japanese double bevel knife angle, handmade with the traditional 3-step honbazuke method, this knife has an incredible 12° razor blade, the mirror-polished cutting angle ensures maximum sharpness and safety, effortless cutting of meat, fish - sushi, vegetables, fruits and more, which brings fun into everyday cooking. Hand wash with mild dish soap, no dishwasher.

G10 Ultra-Premium Fiberglass Grip

Classic black ultra-premium G10 handle with flower rivet. Riveted on the forged full pin for added strength and durability. The handle of the damask knife is made of G10
fiberglass material and is ergonomically shaped. The knife is thus balanced in the hand and allows effortless cutting. G10 is a composite material with high mechanical resistance. For production, glass fiber mats are fused with epoxy resins and pressed. The plastic handle is therefore easy to clean and particularly hygienic. The handle is tastefully decorated by the flower rivet. Ergonomically shaped handle for safe and comfortable grip! Extreme comfort, perfect balance!

Knife block oak wood

The knife block made of oak wood is the ideal storage option for the knife set. The slimline version perfectly accommodates the damask knives and the grinding rod. Due to its simple design and the dark color of the oil with the noble grain, the knife block is a real eye-catcher in your kitchen. Due to its slim appearance, it fits as well as in almost any kitchen, no matter how small it may be. Kitchen knives want to be used and should not lie together in the drawer. In the knife block, the knives are separated from each other and do not rub against each other as in the drawer, which could damage the blades or make them dull. They are therefore always at hand and remain sharp longer for their next cooking assignment.


  • 9-piece damask knife set
  • high-quality Japanese AUS10 steel
  • Layers layers 67
  • 66 layers Of Premium High Carbon stainless steel layers
  • classic black Ultra-Premium G10 handle with flower rie
  • Hardness 60-61 HRC Rockwell
  • Sharpness of hand-sharpened Japanese double angle 12°
  • non-stick coated, exquisite raindrop pattern, hardened in liquid nitrogen
  • Gift-Box
  • Dimensions 360 x 250 x 140 mm
  • Weight 4,200 kg
  • Logo Devil's Hole© left
  • Made in PRC


  • 8.0-inch Chef Knife
  • 8.0-inch Santokuknife
  • 8.0-inch bread knife
  • 8.0-inch cutting knife
  • 6.0-inch leg knife
  • 5.0-inch universal knife
  • 3.5-inch peeling knife
  • Diamond 201 Steel Sharpener
  • 8-Slot Slim Design oak wood Knife Block

Our knife set is the ideal gift (e.B. for Christmas, weddings, birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day), for home cooks, professional chefs, cooks and more.

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