Devil's Hole® Damask Knife | Kiritsuke | Crocodile skin pattern | Honeycomb epoxy resin handle

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8.2 Inch Kiritsuke Damask Knife


  • Style Kiritsuke
  • Total blade length 35 cm
  • Blade 21 cm long, 5.2 cm high
  • Blade strength 2 mm
  • Blade material AUS-10 Damask steel
  • Grinding angle 12-15°
  • 45 Layers
  • Handle length 14 cm
  • ergonic handle, honeycomb dark blue epoxy resin
  • Hardness 60-62 HRC
  • Weight 285 g
  • Made in PRC

Kiritsuke damask knives with honeycombs epoxy resin handle blue

Kiritsuke damask knives reflect the highest Japanese knife art. First of all, there is the unique damask knife made of 45 layers. To achieve such a sharp kitchen knife, a core made of Japanese AUS-10 steel is required – folded on both sides with 22 layers of stainless steel 316. This creates a sharpness of knives that allows effortless cutting of meat and vegetables (including ripe tomatoes). Due to the manufacturing process and the structure of the layering technology, every Kiritsuke damask knife is unique. The beautiful handle of the kitchen knife made of damask consists of a honeycomb structure and dark blue epoxy resin. The Kiritsuke kitchen knife has an eye-catching crocodile skin pattern, which is created by the special folding technique. The Kiritsuke knife lies perfectly in the hand and makes cutting a breeze. The question arises, where to store such a beautiful and sharp kitchen knife? Devil's Hole also offers the right solution for this. For the Kiritsuke damask knife with epoxy resin handle there is a practical black cardboard box. The damask kitchen knife with epoxy resin handle is also ideal as a gift for your loved ones. The Kiritsuke knife cuts perfectly through any kind of vegetables, fruit, fish and meat.