Devil's Hole® Damask Knife | 67 Layers | with olive wood handle | Gift box made of ash wood

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Damask knife with olive wood handle - Japanese knife art meets Mediterranean flair

Damask knives reflect the highest Japanese knife art. We asked ourselves, can such a masterpiece be completed? That means adding something that enhances the visual impression and also makes it easier to handle. After careful reflection, we at Devil’s Hole® can present: The Damask knife with olive wood handle including an ash wood gift box.

First of all, there is the unique Damask knife, made of 67 layers. To realize such a sharp kitchen knife you need a core of VG10 steel - folded on both sides with 33 layers of stainless steel. This creates a knife sharpness that allows effortless cutting of meat and vegetables (including ripe tomatoes). Due to the manufacturing process and the structure of the layer technique, each Damask knife is unique.

The knife is completed by the handle made of olive wood. Here the uniqueness of the knife art joins the spectacle of nature. Because the olive wood handle also becomes unique due to the characteristic grain of the wood. The sharp kitchen knife with Mediterranean flair fits perfectly in the hand and makes cutting very easy.

The question is, where to store such a beautiful and sharp kitchen knife? Devil’s Hole® has the right solution for this as well. Because to the Damask knife with olive wood handle there is a box made of ash wood. The decorative wood of the ash is considered very hard and elastic - and proves to be almost indestructible. For care, a few drops of natural oil every now and then and the ash box will look amazing for years to come. The Damask kitchen knife with olive wood handle and the ash wood box are also excellent as a gift set. Whether for your own company as a promotional merchandise, promotional gift, presentation of the logo or as a gift for good friends. And there's a special idea! With laser engraving the knife set becomes a personalized gift.

Chefs, hobby chefs, food designers, cooking schools and event catering - all are delighted and have demand for the Damask knife with olive wood handle including the practical ash wood gift box.


  • beautiful 67 layer damask knife with a flattering olive wood handle
  • Olive wood is a natural raw material, each knife is uniquely beautiful in itself
  • The knife is delivered in a noble ash wood box with magnetic clasp, ideal as a gift
  • Razor-sharp blade with an elegant damask pattern
  • Blade material AUS10 damascus steel
  • Total knife length 33 cm
  • Blade length 20 cm
  • Blade height 5.7 cm
  • Weight of the knife 210 g
  • Hardness 60 +/- 1 HRC
  • Packed in a neutral Devil's Hole shipping box
  • made in prc