Devil's Hole® Butcherblock | chopping board | german oak | 39,5 x 29,5 x 4 cm | cutting board |

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Butcherblock Oak by Devil's Hole

The Devil's Hole Butcherblock made of oak is the ideal dulcimer when it comes to cutting large pieces of meat. Due to the robust construction and the wedge tip gluing, it easily withstands the heavy tasks of chopping bones. Due to the lateral interventions, the Butcherblock can be worn comfortably despite its high weight, it is therefore also suitable as a serving board. The oak wood board naturally has a high tannic acid content and thus has an antiseptic effect. The butcher block made of oak is therefore even very hygienic.

When it comes to presenting a sturdy and heavy board for your cooking and grilling inserts, then the Devil's Hole Buchterblock is the first choice.


- Length: 39.5 cm

- Width: 29.5 cm

- Height: 4 cm

- Weight: approx. 3,400 g

- Lateral interventions

- Oak wood from local forests

- Wedge tip gluing

- Made in Germany

Without knife (example picture)