Devil's Hole® Abalone Damask Knife | Universal knife 5.0 inch | 45 layers | epoxy resin handle

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Universal damask knife 5 inches from the Abalone Collection

In order to work professionally in the kitchen, you need special knives that are fully up to the respective requirements. Just like our high-quality damask knives. But there are also moments in the kitchen when things should be done as quickly as possible and different jobs should be accomplished with just one knife. This is then the optimal area of ​​application for the universal damask knife. Incidentally, it's also the first choice when a chef is preparing a meal for a friend away from home and only takes the most necessary equipment with him. Also ideal as a gift, because the all-purpose knife caters to all culinary preferences: meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and herbs.

Damascus kitchen knife with 5 inch blade

Equipped with a narrow 5 inch Damascus blade, the kitchen knife is filigree enough to arrange small pieces of fruit, for example. But still sufficiently long and solid to process meat and larger vegetables. The damask kitchen knife is handy and easy to use. A small universal chef's knife with which even hard-to-reach places are no problem. Because the blade steel was folded so often, individual layers were created, which now delight the eye in a beautiful wave pattern. The knife handle is just as nice.

Abalone knife handle in mother-of-pearl design

The beautiful damask chef's knife is universal in the kitchen. The sea with its seafood and inhabitants represents a “universe” of its own. This also includes the abalone shell, which fascinates with its mother-of-pearl effect as soon as it is brought to light. We have incorporated a layer of abalone into the transparent acrylic knife handle. This makes the damask kitchen knife unique and an eye-catcher in the knife block. Treat yourself to the universal helper for the kitchen.

Here is an overview of the impressive data:

  • Abalone kitchen knife made of Damascus steel
  • Small universal chef's knife Blade
  • length: 5 inches
  • 45 layers of Damascus steel AUS10 Hardness
  • 60 ± 2 HRC
  • Excellent quality for a unique cutting
  • on both sides
  • Suitable for left- and right-handers
  • Hybrid knife handle made of acrylic with abalone shell
  • predestined as a gift
  • handle 12 cm
  • blade 13 cm
  • overall length 25 cm
  • weight 140 g
  • predestined as a gift
  • Logo: Devil's Hole left
  • storage box cardboard included
  • Made in PRC