Devil's Hole® Abalone Damask Knife | Chef knife | 45 layers | epoxy resin handle

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The Abalone Chef's Knife – that's how the Maitre de Cuisine cuts

Do you cook yourself with all your passion and want a professional knife to support you in your kitchen work? Or do you want to surprise another Maitre de Cuisine with an exclusive gift? In any case, the Abalone Chef Knife is a perfect choice. And there are good reasons for this.

This Damascus kitchen knife cuts extremely sharp

The 8 inch damask blade with the characteristic wave pattern is not only a visual highlight. Even cut material, in which other knives sometimes give in, can be cut "soft as butter" with this damask knife. Due to the perfectly balanced center of gravity, it comes to an excellent blade guidance. With the flat cutting angle of the blade of 12-15°, wafer-thin discs succeed. Meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and herbs – with this damask blade, cutting becomes a pure pleasure.

The Abalone knife handle - a real feast for the eyes

Although this damask knife is suitable for universal work in the kitchen, it has a special reference to the "seafood". Because the knife handle consists of a composite of transparent acrylic and abalone shell. The iridescent light reflection of the abalone creates the unique mother-of-pearl effect. Such an abalone chef's knife is definitely noticeable in the knife block. In addition, the pattern of the abalone makes each Damascus kitchen knife unique.

Here is an overview of the impressive data:

  • Abalone chief knife made of damask steel
  • Excellent quality for a unique cutting experience
  • 45 layers Damascus steel AUS10
  • Hardness 60 ± 2 HRC
  • Flat grinding on both sides
  • suitable for left- and right-handers
  • Hybrid knife handle made of acrylic with abalone shell
  • predestined as a gift
  • Handle 13.5 cm
  • Blade 21 cm
  • Overall length 34,5 cm
  • Weight 285 g
  • Logo Devil's Hole left
  • Made in PRC