Devil's Hole® Abalone Damask Knife | Boning knife | 45 layers | epoxy resin handle

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Abalone boning knife/filleting knife made of Damascus steel

Every chef knows that boning meat is particularly sharp and quick. It calls for a Damascus knife with a blade guide that, in addition to the courageous, powerful cut, also enables very delicate work. Our abalone damascus blade is very solid and the sharpening angle is small, making the blade razor sharp. Detaching meat from the bone, skinning meat or removing tendons is child's play. But the abalone boning knife can do even more.

Boning and filleting – 2 properties, 1 knife

Boning and filleting are often used as synonyms, but there are subtle differences in everyday cooking. In order to cut wafer-thin fish and meat, raw or fried, the blade of the filleting knife is usually more flexible and thinner. However, our blade is designed in such a way that filleting is also possible with it. The excellent properties of the knife blade are complemented by a handle that is no less impressive.

Abalone knife handle – with mother-of-pearl effect

Emerging from the depths of the sea, the abalone shell delights with its iridescent play of light once it has reached the surface. We chose just such an abalone knife handle for our damask boning knife. Through the transparent acrylic, the ergonomically shaped knife handle always appears new depending on the viewing angle thanks to abalone. An absolute highlight in the knife block.

Here is an overview of the impressive data:

  • Boning knife/filleting knife 7 inches made of Damascus steel
  • clean and fine blade guidance
  • filigree and curved tip
  • for boning meat and filleting
  • also suitable for scaling and deboning fish
  • stable and durable thanks to solid steel core
  • 45 layers of Damascus steel AUS10
  • hardness 60 ± 2 HRC
  • Flat grind on both sides
  • Suitable for left- and right-handers
  • Hybrid knife handle made of acrylic with abalone shell
  • Handle 11 cm
  • Blade 18 cm
  • Total length 19 cm
  • Weight 140 g
  • Predestined as a gift
  • Logo: Devil's Hole left
  • Storage box Cardboard included
  • Made in PRC