Devil's Hole Deep Blue Damask Knife | Nakiri knife 7.0 inch | 67 layers | Maple epoxy resin handle

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Nakiri Damask Knife – Cutting vegetables, made easy

Vegetables are not only very healthy thanks to vitamins, proteins and minerals, they can also be prepared deliciously. Especially in Asian cuisine, vegetables are of great importance. Do you also like to cook with the wok? Gently cooked, most of the vitamins and nutrients are preserved here. With the damask knife "Nakiri" the vegetables can be optimally cut into bite-sized pieces. Depending on the cooking time, the various vegetables migrate to the wok in a predetermined order. A sharp knife is required here. Our Nakiri chef's knife is equipped with a 33 x folded blade and also cuts extra sharply from 12 to 15° thanks to the special cut. On the blade, an eagle wing shows a beautiful feather pattern. Equally impressive is the knife handle of the Nakiri.

Damascus kitchen knife "Deep Blue" with hybrid knife handle

With vegetables, color comes into play of culinary delights. Whether red peppers, orange carrots, green zucchini or yellow corn, vegetables spread a good mood. Only the beautiful color blue is missing. This symbolizes the power of water. A natural fabric that is indispensable in the kitchen. With our "Deep Blue" knife series, we take this fact into account. The Nakiri damask knife is also covered with deep blue epoxy resin, which merges wavy into a maple wood handle. An absolute eye-catcher in the kitchen. Due to the ergonomically shaped handle, the Nakiri fits very well in the hand. Such a beautiful kitchen knife is also ideal as a gift. And so practical, because you can always use a knife in the kitchen.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Damask knife "Nakiri" cut especially for vegetables
  • Chef's knife with 19 cm long and 5 cm high blade
  • for sloping cuts and chopping vegetables
  • Blade 67 layers, with core made of VG10
  • Ergonomic knife handle made of maple wood and epoxy resin
  • ideally suited as a gift

Technical details:

67 layers of damask steel

Japanese VG10 steel core

33 layers each left/right (416) stainless steel forged

Blade – feather pattern

Maple Wood Deep Blue Epoxy Resin Hybrid Handle

Grinding angle 12-15°

Length: 31,5 cm

Blade length: 19 cm

Handle length: 12,5 cm

Blade height: 5 cm

Weight: 225 grams

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Made in PRC