Laser information

Procedure when ordering:

Laser logo:

You order an article from us and send your logo in the best possible quality to us for review.

We check the logo and possibly do a digital preview or a test on a sample.

After voting, you will receive your product.

Laser name and lettering:

You order an article from us and send us your lettering or name.

You will receive a digital preview from us as a PDF with 20 fonts, here you can choose one.

You already know the script, then send us the name and the desired script.

After voting, you will receive your product.

Order lasers:

Just contact us by email, Instagram or Facebook and send us your idea if you have sketches and data.

Material is available or should we procure?

You will receive a calculation and offer.

If necessary, send us your material / product.

After voting, you will receive your product.

Ideas for your project with us:

Do you have a gift idea or always wanted your name or the club crest on your personal item, such as a cutting board? Stainless steel house numbers, office entrance signs, handles for grills, dog tags, slate coasters / plates, etc. can also be personalized by us and given your personal touch. Just contact us by email, contact form, Facebook or Instagram and we will help you with the implementation.

Information fiber laser

Maximum laser field size:

L x W 110 mm x 110 mm

Material: stainless steel, aluminum, brass

Information Co2 laser

Maximum product dimensions:

L x W x H 600 mm x 400 mm x 180 mm

Round parts possible on request (rotation axis available)

Material: stainless steel, aluminum, brass, wood, leather, stone

Video Co2 laser processing Beer mat engraving

Differences between Co2 lasers and fiber lasers

Co2 laser technology:

The Co2 laser is a gas laser and is operated with a carbon dioxide gas mixture that is electrically stimulated.

Due to their wavelength, they are mainly suitable for processing non-metallic materials.

Co2 lasers have a good beam quality, the efficiency is relatively high.

Due to its versatility, the Co2 laser is one of the most popular laser types.

Fiber laser technology:

The fiber laser is a solid-state laser.

The laser beam has a finer focus diameter, which makes engraving even more precise

Fiber lasers are especially suitable for marking metals and plastics

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